Team Belle

The Belles are young equestrians forming their futures in a positive and productive way. They represent themselves with class and dignity and are leaders in both the barn and the classroom. They are always learning proper horsemanship and enjoy helping others. The girls not only conduct themselves with exemplary sportsmanship at horse shows, but also maintain good grades in school. It is our hope that the Belle program will help these girls become leaders, who work hard and carry themselves with confidence and kindness while having FUN! 

Elie Gallagher-Korn:

Elie is 5 years old from Wellington Florida. She is currently training with Charlie Moorcroft, while competing in walk-trot. Elie has a pony named Strawberry Hill. A fun fact about Elie is that she loves latin pop music and is a great dancer! Elie loves ponies, Breyer horses, arts and crafts and her most favorite is unicorns!


Lulu Rodriguez:

Lulu Rodriguez is three years old and trains with her mom Jennifer Bliss. She is currently showing in leadline. Lulu is from Wellington Florida and loves to ride her mom’s derby horse Poker Face!

Instagram: @harris_hill_farm


Anderson Welles:

Anderson Welles is three years old and is from Wellington Florida! She trains with her parents Andrew and Alex Welles and Jill Shulman. Anderson is currently showing in leadline! Anderson has a pony named Jet Puffed “Marshmello”. A fun fact about Anderson is that her first pony was a Peeps Foundation rescue “Moomers”. Anderson loves her Belle and Bow show clothes so much, and is always willing to change out of a princess dress to ride in her Belle and Bow clothes!

Instagram: @alexdwelles & @teamwelles


Lena Hellmann:

Lena is 5 years old, resides in Nashville, TN and has been riding for a little over a year. She currently trains with Reid Rickett of Camwood Farm (hunter/jumper) and Chelsey Sawtell of BlackFriar Farm/Sawtell Eventing. Lena is currently competing in Walk-Trot over poles and schooling cross country. Her goal for 2023 is to compete in cross rails. Lena just got her first pony, The Good Dinosaur (Arlo), and also rides Lollipop & Gumdrops (Lollie). Lena's favorite colors are pink and purple. A fun fact about Lena is that she loves to play DJ in the car to and from the barn, and has developed her own playlist. Lena loves her B&B show clothes so much that she even used them as her Halloween costume this year!

Instagram: @lenahellmann17


Seattle Lajoie:

Seattle is 8 years old. She is the original energizer bunny with endless energy, a dash of craziness, and a heart of gold. She is always on the go with sunglasses in hand. There is nothing she won't try from skiing to surfing - she loves adventure. Her true passions are horses & singing. You will often find her trotting around singing at the top of her lungs much to the dismay of her trainer. Seattle has always loved horses and spent time at the barn as a very young toddler watching her uncle ride and giving treats to the horses. She started taking lessons just before she turned 4. She was lucky enough to ride some gentle giants until we found a wonderful patient pony to lease. Seattle would like to be a vet and has participated in raising money for a local rescue where she got her mini, Prince. Last summer we purchased our lease - a tried and true pony who has done Pony Finals, been there done that, and was looking for his forever home. Fenway Public Gardens aka Tanner is a medium welsh pony that has taught many kids on both coasts. Tanner & Seattle have been a great team in cross-rails at the shows and jumping full courses at home. Secretly Seattle wants to do jumpers (just like her uncle). She likes to do tight turns and cut corners and Tanner happily obliges. For now, until she can convince her trainers, she is showing in the hunter ring. Seattle loves the barn and is happiest when she is covered in shavings grooming & feeding her ponies. You will find her zipping to and from the barn and the theater covered and smelling like horses. 

Instagram: @kissesandcupcakes


Lily Thakor:

Lily is 4 years old and began taking lessons earlier this year with Selah Slag at Boulder Pointe Equestrian Center in Anoka, MN. However, she's been hopping on her Mom's horse Joey (with Dandelion Farm and Mia Forbes) since before she could walk. She recently competed in leadline at the Minnesota Harvest Horse Show and the walk/trot at the Boulder Pointe schooling show. She rides three different ponies: Mr. Pickles, Waffles, and Porkchop. Lily likes all the colors in the rainbow, but if she had to choose, it would be purple. She also enjoys dance class (especially tap) and riding bareback. Her favorite food is candy. Lily's goals for this year are to show in the walk/trot and get stronger. 

Instagram @stina.thakor.equestrian


Harper Stephen:

Harper is 7.5 years old and lives in Birmingham, Alabama. She has been riding since the age of 5, and recently just got her first pony named Firefly! She currently trains at Longview Farms under Dennis (Pete) Murphy Jr. and Kirsten Murphy. Harper is currently preparing for next year's Walk/Trot season. She is so excited to start showing on her sweet pony who is also her best friend! Her goal for 2023 is to start jumping. Harper's favorite color is mint green. A fun fact about Harper is that she also has a gifted voice and loves to sing! 


Savannah Kelman:

Savannah (Tiggy) first sat on a pony when she was 13 months old. Since that first ride her love of ponies/horses has grown. Over the past year she transitioned from walk through Walk/Trot on Boca's Toy Soldier (Frodo). She learned to canter last fall on him. Savvy recently started her new partnership with Stella Blue! She's very excited to care for, love, and compete with Stella. She rides and trains with Michael DelFiandra and Vanessa Roman of Grafton Ridge, LLC in Wellington, FL. 

 Lillie Tobin:


Sage Cagle:

Mae & Mila Meredith:

Ella Stewart:

Ella is 5 years old and trains with Selina Petronelli at Claddagh Manor in Churchville, MD. She currently shows in Walk/Trot with her pony Severn Silver and has a goal of competing in the Short Stirrup. Her favorite colors are red, white, blue, pink, and purple. 

Instagram: @simplyk.stew

Avi Bluman:

Avi is 4 years old and trains with Charlie Moorcroft in Wellington, FL. His pony's name is Bugsy and his goal is to learn to canter on him. Avi's favorite color is orange and one fun fact is that he loves to play hide and seek. 

Andrea Shaw: 

Andrea is 5 years old and has been on the back of a horse since she could walk! She is one horse crazy little girl. Andrea and her pony Canterbrook Encore (Scarlett) currently train with Lori Shaw of Sunbridge Farms in Heathcote, ON Canada. Andrea's favorite colors are pink and purple. Her goals for this show season include continuing in Walk/Trot and Walk/Trot/Canter classes. She also has big goals to work her way up to jumping the crossrails by the time she is 6! However, her main goal is to go out and have fun with her fellow barn friends! A fun fact about Andrea is that she is currently learning to snap her fingers!

Instagram: @andreatheponyqueen


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