Who are the Belles?

The Belles are young equestrians forming their futures in a positive and productive way. They represent themselves with class and dignity and are leaders in both the barn and the classroom. They are always learning proper horsemanship and enjoy helping others. The girls not only conduct themselves with exemplary sportsmanship at horse shows, but also maintain good grades in school. It is our hope that the Belle program will help these girls become leaders, who work hard and carry themselves with confidence and kindness while having FUN!

Join our Team!

Do you want to be a Belle? We are looking to expand our team, if you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Belle please contact us so we can send you more information on the program.

To Apply to be a part of Team Belle 2020 or a Belle ambassador please fill out the form here.

Emma Hakim

Emma comes to us from NEW YORK. welcome to the team! We are so happy to have her and her adorable pony hunters.  See you at pony finals.

Matty Morrissey

Matty is one of our youngest members and rides with her Mom Tiffany Morrissey at East Wind Farms in Florida. Look for Matty in the leadline ring at WEF!

Lillie Tobin

Lillie is our Founder Stacie Tobin’s daughter. She is 3 years old. Lillie has recently started competing in the leadline. She loves to horse show and loves her pony Pink Pie. She is learning to Post and wants to canter soon! She loves modeling all of her Belle and Bow Outfits and playing with her team mates at the horse shows!

Olivia Sweetnam

I’m Olivia Sweetnam, I ride in the small and medium ponies and the .95 or .90 jumpers. My ponies names are Magoo, Jimmy, Maddoc and Willie and my horse’s name is Dippy. Some of my favorite shows I go to are WEF, Devon, Pony Finals and indoors. I would like to be a professional horse back rider just like my Dad. I love Belle and Bow because their bows are ADORABLE and incredibly creative! One of my long term goals are to ride for either team Ireland or team America when I am older and someday compete in the Olympics. A short term goal of mine is to win a class at Devon or Indoors.

Allison Coleman

Alison joins us with Sweet Oak Farm in Wellington FL. She loves bows and ponies, so she is the perfect fit for our team. She rides in the small ponies with her pony Smoke Tree Starlet. She will be competing in pony finals and Devon this year! Wish her luck!

Lucy Sweetnam

Lucy is following in her family’s footsteps and riding in the crossrails this year. She loves her ponies and her bows. She is one of our top models and loves to pose. We can’t wait to see Lucy showing at pony finals one day, and we know it will  be very soon!

Maddie Luddy

Maddie joins us from Copper Lane Farm in Oregon where she rides with her mom Nancy Butano. She is showing in the cross rails division right now and hopes to move up soon. She has 6 ponies! But she doesn’t ride all of them. Some of them are in training for her when she is al little older. She is 12 years old and loves to show. She also loves her other animals; 2 cats and 2 dogs. She loves art and her favorite colors are purple and pink. She loves to wear bows and go to horse shows. Welcome to the team Maddie!

Emi Richard

Emi comes to us From Epic Farm in CT. She shows in the small pony divisions and is going to Pony Finals , Devon and Indoors. Welcome to the team Emi!

Liliya Obaid

Liliya joins us from Dallas Texas and rides with Stacey Sanderson. She has 3 ponies and her newest pony is Benjamin Buttons. She will be at Pony Finals this year. Welcome to the team Liliya!

Belle Graduates