2017 Team #TEAMBELLE

Who are the Belles?

The Belles are young equestrians forming their futures in a positive and productive way. They represent themselves with class and dignity and are leaders in both the barn and the classroom. They are always learning proper horsemanship and enjoy helping others. The girls not only conduct themselves with exemplary sportsmanship at horse shows, but also maintain good grades in school. It is our hope that the Belle program will help these girls become leaders, who work hard and carry themselves with confidence and kindness while having FUN!

Join our Team!

Do you want to be a Belle? We are looking to expand our team, if you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Belle please contact us so we can send you more information on the program.

To Apply to be a part of Team Belle 2018 or a Belle ambassador please fill out the form here.

Abbie Gordon

We are so excited to welcome Abbie to the Belle Team. Abbie comes to us from Statesville, North Carolina and rides with Don Stewart Stables, trainer Bibby Hill. Abbie is 9 years old and her favorite subject in school is science. Abbie has two ponies! Q-2 “Billy” is bay and very slow, Baby Blue is a chestnut roan. She shows in the small pony hunters at shows like HITS, Ocala, Pony Finals and Indoors. Abbie’s favorite color is pink and she wants to be a trainer and a model when she grows up. Abbie loves wearing her Belle and Bow show bows and going to horse shows. Good luck with all your ponies this year Abbie!

Caroline Olsen

Caroline joins us from Sherborn, MA. She has two ponies, Sugarbrook Adorabelle “Shadow” and Farmore Charismatic “karma”. This is her second year showing in the pony hunters! Caroline is just 10 years old. Caroline rides her ponies with her Mom, Jennifer Olsen. Her favorite color is blue and she loves writing stories, and playing the piano. She also has 2 dogs and a fish! Her goal for the year is to go to pony finals and get good grades in school. We are excited to see Caroline at pony finals 2017!

Addie Poses

Addie was the inspiration behind Belle and Bow Equestrian so it is only fitting that she be a part of the Belle team. Addie is 9 years old and shows her pony “Willow” in cross rails. She rides at Lonestar Farm in Austin, Texas and summers in The Hamptons. Addie loves wearing her bows at horse shows and to school. Hopefully she will be moving up to the short stirrup very soon. Watch for her at The Hampton Classic this summer!

Olivia Sweetnam

Olivia joins us from Wellington Florida and the Sweet Oak Stables with trainer Michael DelFiandra. She debuted in the pony hunters for the first time this year and will be showing at Pony Finals! Olivia is just 8 years old and has 5 ponies! She loves wearing bows all the time, even for practice and school. She wants to be a singer or a scientist when she grows up and also enjoys doing gymnastics and music. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. Olivia is fun and outgoing and loves to make new friends at horse shows. Be sure to say hi to Olivia when you see her at shows like WEF, Kentucky summer and Pony Finals!

Alison Coleman

Alison joins us with Sweet Oak Farm in Wellington FL. She loves bows and ponies, so she is the perfect fit for our team. She will be competing in her first pony finals this year! Wish her luck!

Lucy Sweetnam

Bio coming soon!

Maddie Luddy

Maddie joins us from Copper Lane Farm in Oregon where she rides with her mom Nancy Butano. She is showing in the cross rails division right now and hopes to move up soon. She has 6 ponies! But she doesn’t ride all of them. Some of them are in training for her when she is al little older. She is just 8 years old and loves to show. She also loves her other animals; 2 cats and 2 dogs. She loves art and her favorite colors are purple and pink. She loves to wear bows and go to horse shows. Welcome to the team Maddie!

Sarah Hersh

Welcome Sarah! Sarah has been wanting to be a part of #teambelle for years and now she finally is. Sarah is so sweet and loves to ride and play with her ponies. She loves her bows so much and wears them to school almost every day. We are so happy to have her as part of the team!

Vivian Golden

Vivian Joins us from Double G stables in Wyomissing, PA and trains with her mom Olivia Golden. She has recently moved up to short stirrup and is hoping to make her pony hunter debut soon so she can show at pony finals. Vivian loves wearing bows, playing with Breyer horses and making friends at horse shows. She also has 3 dogs, one donkey and chickens. Her favorite subject in school is math. You can see Vivian at shows like WEF, Lake Placid, Ludwigs Corner and The Hampton Classic. We are so excited to have Vivian on our team!

Belle Graduates